FULL NAME: Tanaka Koki.
JOURNAL: zompocalypse.
AIM: #thrillin heroics.
TWITTER: @scatterdaze.
DATE OF BIRTH & AGE: November 5th || Twenty-five.
PLACE OF BIRTH: Chiba, Japan.
YEAR: Senior.
FRATERNITY: Delta Tau Delta.
MAJOR: Zoology.
SPORTS/CLUBS: Archery & Taekwondo.
IMAGE-SONG: Mercenary.


i dodge the blast...
In the beginning, the doctor yelled "Push!", and Tanaka Koki emerged from his mother's birth canal, and it was good. Aside from the biblical bits, Koki's birth and everything around it was normal and really not worth talking about much here. He was the first son and there would be four more to follow after him, but this isn't about them. Born and raised in Chiba, Koki's family was never exceptionally well off, but that didn't mean they were unhappy. His father was a modest enlisted military man who did what he could to instill a strong sense of morals and ethics into his eldest son. Koki's mother worked odd temp jobs to supplement the family's income.

Despite this modest upbringing, when Koki had reached his teenage years the rebellious stage soon began. Hanging out with bad crowds, he took up smoking, drinking, and even recreational drugs when they came his way. He was never a bad kid when it came to his attitude, but he did hang out with a rough crowd that got him into trouble on a regular basis. When Koki decided he didn't want to attend high school, his father stepped in, giving Koki one more chance to get his act together. He would have been alright if he wasn't thrown into jail at age eighteen, busted for gambling on an illegal fighting ring.

Knowing his son had more sense and more potential than that, when Koki's father had received orders to work as a liaison in Seoul, he took his son with him - kicking and screaming. Later on, Koki would freely admit the move to Korea was the best thing that could have happened to him. But initially it was awful. The language was awful. The people were awful. The food was.. well, okay the food was fucking awesome. It was at the still ripe age of twenty that he had turned himself around, finding his footing in the language and culture and finally graduated from high school.

Proud of his son's accomplishments, Koki's father agreed to another six year enlistment period for the signing bonus to send his boy to university. Yonsei was the obvious choice simply because they could see the Seoul campus from their apartment window. When Koki had shown his aptitude and had actually passed the entrance exam, it would be a lie to say both men weren't surprised as hell. Who would have thought having a goal could be useful? While at first he could commute, it was when his father had to return back to Japan that Koki was left with a decision: get a job and keep the apartment or move on campus to live in a dorm. Neither were options he liked and while he lamented to this while at a party one night, someone suggested pledging.

Obvious choice. He wasn't rich, or a jock, and he definitely didn't want to join the virgin house. There was only one perfect fit for Koki and that was Delta Tau Delta. Since pledging, he's lived a rather happy, comfortable, and lazy life at Yonsei. In his junior year he was selected to be the vice president of Delta Tau Delta and he gladly accepted, only to find out that it came with too much work and responsibility. So now in his senior year, he made no attempts to try and keep vice president position or any attempts towards president. He's more than okay with just being that older brother. He'll offer his words of advice and act in a position if needed, but otherwise keep the work away from him.

Just before the second to last quarter of his senior year, Koki received a call from his father about a temporary position to offer aide and relief in South America. While he wanted to finish the four year program in order to start towards his masters and eventual doctorate, there weren't many opportunities for someone of his social stature to travel abroad and what's more he would be doing something that he loved. So with a few emails to professors and his frat brothers he took off for first Ometepec, Mexico and shortly there after, Talca, Chile. He was able to help where he was needed in minor first aid and rebuilding efforts. When it was time to head back to Japan, the deadliest earthquake yet of the year struck Nepal. There, he was able to assist in setting up temporary triage and animal shelters for abandoned and lost animals amidst all the chaos.

He was well aware that his true senior year was shot and he would have to retake all his classes in the next term, but none too secretly, he was alright with that not quite ready for the reality of saying his goodbyes.



and apologize...
Like his western star sign would suggest, there are a lot of layers to Koki and he's a little difficult to dissect. At first glances he may appear rough around the edges, but anyone who has been in the same room as him for more than a minute knows that that couldn't be further from the truth. Full of charisma, he's the kind of guy who seems to always be smiling and laughing. He may get his kicks from poking fun at someone but it's never to the point where he would mean harm. Its all in good fun.

Also contrary to his appearance he's someone who is rather gentle in nature. He's always had an affinity towards taking care of things that can't quite fend for themselves. He'll always root for the underdog. He'll always be a touch overprotective. He loves kids and animals. When it comes down to it he's got a heart of gold that often times leaves himself open to be hurt.

While he wants nothing more than to settle down, start a large family, and get his doctorate in veterinarian sciences, he's gotten himself into a niche while at Yonsei. His brothers come first and foremost, especially the younger ones which he has a bad habit of taking under his wing the moment they pledge. When it comes to women and relationships, he's become the guy with the reputation of sleeping around. His underlying fear of rejection or being hurt has left him unable to commit. He's comfortable where he is, though. And despite being able to live off campus he intends to stay with the frat until his schooling is finished.


...for collateral damage
scorpio, self-proclaimed professor of nerd studies, allergic to running, idolizes clint barton & mad crush on kate bishop, manga and comic collector, smokes esse gold cigarettes, terrified of velociraptors and weeping angels and creepy black eyes, plays the guitar and some piano, hates green peppers, really wishes he could be a vegan but loves meat way too much, hates mornings, loves coffee, listens to just about any music he can get his hands on, likes girls shorter than him who have a lot of attitude, seems to come home with a new tattoo every month, will probably adopt stray animals and people he finds on campus, piercings galore, videogames are a big yes, doesn't drive because he doesn't need to, but has a motorcycle license, always remembers to water the houseplants because he would feel guilty if he didn't.


the basics
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